The Fire Within Is More Accessible Than You Believe


Everything you need is within reach.


What the heck is the fire within? It is motivation, celebration, focus, and drive all bundled up together and made into something amazing. 

But it is not just a thing, it's a place where you hold onto the very best of who you are and what makes you unique. It is where your passions, goals, and dreams are in full bloom within you. 


Getting the picture? 


It is all the of wonderfulness that makes life special... 

and it is right inside you. 


So how do you access it? 

It starts with choice. 


Choose to recognize the good in your life.

Choose to deliberately change the challenges into learning experiences. 


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Rockin' That Spiritual Lava Lamp

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2021

 I decided to skip my favorite event this year.  It was a hard choice.

 On the surface the decision may seem like a no-brainer… but that is far from the truth. 

 I lovingly call this event, “the hippie-fest,” and truly see it as an escape from all the drama of the “outside world.”  This event is complete with hammocks in trees and a shiitake mushroom farm.  People love one another without judgement at this event ... the kind of atmosphere I thrive in.  It is a true escape from what we perceive the world to be.   What we look like, what our jobs are, how much money we have, how we dress... none of this matters there.  What a wonderful thing!!  


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I don’t think I spend enough time contemplating life.   In fact, I need an extra hour or two of steady contemplation every day.  

For real. 

Life moves pretty darned fast for me.  It moves fast because I designed it that way.  Truth be told...I am an impatient person, liking my answers fast - as fast as the questions themselves.  I like it that way because it sometime feels like the waiting is a waste of time.  And I am not about wasting time. 

It’s all about lightening speed.

But there is something lost in this logic.  And, more truth be told, there is a significant amount of loss in the speed of my daily life.  

I lose the delicacy of thought.  I lose the clarity of...

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Discovering YOU!

Discovering you is a lifelong thing. 

Actually… it’s an every moment thing.

Literally every second of your life is a new opportunity to discover and understand YOU.... and then discover you again, all shiney and new, in the next second.

Holy Moly! 

With every day...we become.  We shift and change with each interaction, each meal, each news article.  We transform ... continually becoming the butterfly. 

Becoming is our privilege and our fate.

As we become we look for definition, an internal understanding of who and why we are.  This is fleeting, like chasing our tails.  In the course of becoming we change too fast to fully define ourselves.  While we can continually assess where we are...

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Happiness Through Self Celebration

celebrate happiness hope Mar 24, 2021

You wanna feel hopeful?   Celebrate YOU!

Oh yes...oh yes!

Here in 2021...we are stronger and more driven than ever. We are more resilient than ever before. We recognize our self importance. 

It’s time to Celebrate YOU....  Let’s do it!

What a perfect opportunity to become...and trust in ourselves. 

I have had the blessing of speaking to numerous clients over the last few months who have been looking at how to reinvent themselves and find their path in 2021. 

In the fabric of every message that I had to give these lovely humans were, of course, the words, “Celebrate You.”

After all... Self Celebration is the key to happiness!

When we celebrate ourselves we motivate ourselves to get more...

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Be The Change You Wish To See in 2021

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2020

Hello lovelies!! 

We made it!   It is the end of 2020 and the beginning of a whole new year!  


I am sure by now you have a mental list of all the things you wish to see change in 2021.   Maybe you even wrote it all down…. One item at a time! 

I am right there with you! 

We humans are funny that way. 

It seems we spend a lot of time looking at each new year as though that initial date will be the beginning of something new and exciting.   

When we really look at it….. 

it’s just a date.   

It is a date which follows the date at the end of the previous year.   

January 1st is a continuation of time.  

The only thing that makes it new...

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So, I Screamed At God

Uncategorized Oct 21, 2020

Decide to be Empowered! 

There are times when it just feels like we are bracing for change.  When I say “bracing,” I mean “BRACING.”  It’s almost crazy how we somehow instinctively believe that holding on tight and preparing for a wild ride will keep us safe.

Not all change requires a drivers license.

Change is inevitable for we humans.   We are guaranteed it will happen… at some point. Like, every moment before and after birth.   It’s the issue of not knowing what the heck that means that drives us to hit the panic button and start bracing. 

I know this all too well.

Years ago I had a screaming match with God.   Well… truth be told… It...

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Hold Onto Your Hope

community crystal camp Oct 03, 2020

It is a beautiful fall day complete with wind and leaves blowing about the ground.   That cool crisp air is so exciting… it tells Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas tales… It tells of long walks with hands held, lighting candles, and wood stoves.  That cool crisp air tells tales of spring coming just around the corner and rebirth just out of reach.  

This cool crisp air tells of true stories of patience and perseverance.

It is fall. 

Get ready for rebirth. 

This last weekend was the first of many retreats on the land Earth is lending to me…. Crystal Camp.  

It was powerful. 

I had the opportunity to spend the weekend with 14 amazing humans and a forest full of tales of...

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I AM wisdom from MidWinter Reset! And MidSummer Reset! 2020

I AM wisdom from MidWinter Reset! And MidSummer Reset! 202

2020 is going to be one for the books for sure.   It is full of opportunity.   You heard me right… We really are blessed with the opportunity to make deep and meaningful changes within ourselves.

…even if it’s hard.

That’s what its all about ya’ll!

In the middle of all the chaos, this year has provided me with the opportunity to live a life I had hoped for but never expected.  The opportunity to change was thrust upon my life…and I jumped on the opportunity…full time.  Understand that this did not come easily.   I had to change my mindset and travel down paths I didn’t even know existed before...

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Have Faith

Are you feeling it?
I am.
There are some crazy #$$ vibes going on out there and we are filtering them like an ape with an itch. Right? All fierce and focused! There is no denying that itch is gonna be there for a while so it’s time to allow ALL the finger nails to go in on that one. Filter it, baby, filter it!
Ha ha… I can totally hear you… “HUH?”
It’s a blessing to know we can feel one another. We can feel the crazy #$$ vibes. It is a blessing to know that even with all the space between us we are totally sensing one another as we process fear, concern, love, panic, kindness, anger, beauty… well…....
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