Discovering YOU!

Discovering you is a lifelong thing. 

Actually… it’s an every moment thing.

Literally every second of your life is a new opportunity to discover and understand YOU.... and then discover you again, all shiney and new, in the next second.

Holy Moly! 

With every day...we become.  We shift and change with each interaction, each meal, each news article.  We transform ... continually becoming the butterfly. 

Becoming is our privilege and our fate.

As we become we look for definition, an internal understanding of who and why we are.  This is fleeting, like chasing our tails.  In the course of becoming we change too fast to fully define ourselves.  While we can continually assess where we are...

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Have Faith

Are you feeling it?
I am.
There are some crazy #$$ vibes going on out there and we are filtering them like an ape with an itch. Right? All fierce and focused! There is no denying that itch is gonna be there for a while so it’s time to allow ALL the finger nails to go in on that one. Filter it, baby, filter it!
Ha ha… I can totally hear you… “HUH?”
It’s a blessing to know we can feel one another. We can feel the crazy #$$ vibes. It is a blessing to know that even with all the space between us we are totally sensing one another as we process fear, concern, love, panic, kindness, anger, beauty… well…....
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