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Who is Bets Danko?

With more than 20 years experience in the entertainment and advertising industries, Bets effectively encourages people to increase motivation and productivity in all aspects of life through self awareness, clarity on goals and how to achieve them, accessible tools for motivation, and acknowledgement of the qualities that make them capable of achieving more.

As a team builder and motivational speaker, Bets has been called to speak throughout Southern California and Western Pennsylvania about Mindset and Motivation Techniques, Personal Development, Finding Clarity Among Chaos, Tickling The Vagus Nerve (A Journey Into The Benefits of Sound), and Living An Empowered Life.

Success is about mindset


Bets has a multilevel understanding of the human experience and creates presentations which celebrate the unique qualities that make us individually amazing and communally empowered.

Bets focuses on mindset and understanding that we are not just spectators in our own lives.  We have the ability to choose how we respond and how we move forward.  Her presentations encourage awareness of the mind, emotions, spirit, and physical body simultaneously to create a true state of self awareness, trust, and outward productivity.

Marina Tidwell

Author/Event Organizer

Los Angeles, California, USA

"Bets has extraordinary gifts. I especially value her insight, tact, and kindness. She has considerable talent. Moreover, I deeply appreciate Bets's work ethic and reliability.

I can not recommend her highly enough!"

Lisa Haering

Business Owner

West Virginia, USA

"This woman is so POSITIVE and

LOVING…..her work is hard to resist!"

Work With Bets!


Need a 4 hour workshop about mindset  and productivity for your event? Bets has you covered.



Bets is excited to be your next Keynote speaker!  Choose your topic and Bets will adapt her presentation to support your industry or gathering.



Bets provides drum circles, meditation, journaling, and speaking to create a transformative event.




Bets delivers a message tailored to your organization's needs, impacting each participant and giving them the tools to create lasting change.



Invest In Quality, Baby!




I Can Do That!: A Presentation On Courage




Flip It: Change Your Perspective, Love Your Life




Invest in Quality, Baby!




Your Life In Action: Engaging Your Inner Control Freak



Rossella Williams



"Bets' teachings in retreats and one on one profoundly and positively empower you to better understand yourself, your path, and the world."

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