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The MidSummer Reset 2 Day Retreat!

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 With twenty years experience working 1:1 and in groups with some of the most beautiful human beings worldwide who were courageously processing their life journeys, Bets has a unique understanding of the human experience and a deep desire to help people make fulfilling changes in their lives. 

Bets presents keynotes, professional trainings, and workshops to teach and empower people to unlock their potential and experience success. 

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"I have attended several classes, workshops and retreats of this lovely woman. The knowledge that was gained has helped prepare me for big changes in my life. ...Her beautiful leadership and direction, to me, has been priceless. "

Danielle • Pittsburgh, PA

You want more than inspiring words.

People who feel successful in life have one thing in common...self awareness.   They understand who they are.   They understand that they have importance and that their thoughts directly impact the way they see their lives.

Inspiring words are great... but you want that self awareness.

You want to impact your life.

Bets' presentations and courses inspire transformation and self awareness that is logical and accessible.

Celebrate • Motivate • Empower


"Her Positivity Is Infectious"

"Bets' teachings in retreats and one on one profoundly and positively empower you to better understand yourself, your path, and the world.""

Rossella Williams • Educator • Italy

 About Bets Danko

Bets Danko is a life-changing motivational speaker, as well as stage personality, motion picture producer, and writer whose on-line presence has supported and served people worldwide.  After a devastating illness in 2009, she transformed her life to work in service to others. Bets' compassion and support has inspired fans worldwide and helped so many discover how to Celebrate their lives and recognize their potential.

Celebrate • Motivate • Empower 

with Bets Danko, the Producer and Spiritual Advisor for the feature film, Red Woods,

and host of the podcast, Wisdom & Chocolate - Video version now on YouTube!

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"Profoundly Empowering"

"...What are you waiting for? I look forward to Bets' retreats twice a year. I always leave feeling completely supported and full of love..."

Jennifer • Youngstown, Ohio

Live Retreats!

Our premier retreats, MidSummer Reset and MidWinter Reset, are designed to support the journey of the individual.  With thought provoking, self supporting, perpetually motivating activities, these retreats have become a powerful and transformational experience for our clients.  

People return each year to these awesome retreats to reset their lives and boost their Self Celebration.

Celebrate • Motivate • Empower 

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"Inspiring, Introspective, Calming"

It is time to start Celebrating YOU!!!

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