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Bets Danko is a life-changing motivational speaker, as well as stage personality, motion picture producer, and writer whose on-line presence has supported and served people worldwide.  After a devastating illness in 2009, she transformed her life to work in service to others. Bets' compassion and support has inspired fans worldwide and helped so many discover how to Celebrate their lives and recognize their potential.

Celebrate • Motivate • Empower 

with Bets Danko, the Producer and Spiritual Advisor for the feature film, Red Woods,

and host of Wisdom & Chocolate with Bets Danko.  

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"...What are you waiting for? I look forward to Bets' retreats twice a year. I always leave feeling completely supported and full of love..."


Welcome to BetsDanko.Com!

I am so excited that you found yourself right here on this page!  You’ve come to be a part of a community.  You’re opening up to the life changing transformation that’s possible for every single one of us.  Your life can change today.

I created BetsDanko.Com, so that I could share what I’ve learned along my journey of transformation, so that you can experience your own unique transformation and create a life that’s all about self celebration.  More than anything, I hope that you will choose to experience the impact you can master inside of you. 

People who feel successful in life have one thing in common...self awareness.   They understand who they are.   They understand that they have importance and that their thoughts and level of positivity directly impact the way they see their lives.    When you are self confident and you are aware of how your thoughts impact your life, your dreams can become your reality. 

I am committed to:

Celebrating • Motivating • and Empowering YOU! 

Let's make your dreams your reality. 

XO Bets Danko

Show Me The Courses

Celebrate • Motivate • Empower

Courses and Memberships Created To Support Self Celebration!!

A Course Designed to Celebrate YOU!

The "I AM" Equation is a 6 week immersion into self awareness and empowerment full of online presentations and challenges, pdf downloads, and daily activities designed to support healthy choices for an Empowered Life!

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A Subscription Program - More Content, More BAM!

Life is a continual classroom.  Gotta Love it!  This subscription series provides monthly tools and support, including video presentations, affirmations, meditations, pdf downloads, and much more  which can not be found in any other programs with Bets. 

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A 6 Week Meditation & Journaling Experience

The Meditations in this program were created to encourage deeper self awareness.  This experience includes 6 transformational recorded meditations, 42 meditation prompts, and 42 journaling prompts.

This experience was created to Celebrate YOU!

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The I AM Equation Mastership Program

Dedicate a year to your Self Awareness and Self Empowerment in this Mastership Program which includes 1 on 1 calls with Bets Danko, group  calls, access to online courses, and a program designed to fit Your Life!!

 The next program begins September, 2021.

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Have you written yourself a love note today?

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"I have attended several classes, workshops and retreats of this lovely woman. The knowledge that was gained has helped prepare me for big changes in my life. ...Her beautiful leadership and direction, to me, has been priceless. "


I AM Your Biggest Cheerleader!

Hello! I launched BetsDanko.Com and The “I AM” Equation to help people lead more focused and fulfilling lives.  I am passionate about helping others embrace their unique abilities to empower themselves.

With twenty years experience working 1:1 and in groups with some of the most beautiful human beings worldwide who were courageously processing their life journeys, I have a unique understanding of the human experience and a deep desire to help people make fulfilling changes in their lives. 

I want to help you Celebrate YOU!

"Change should be accessible and celebrate your individuality."  xo Bets

It is time to start Celebrating YOU!!!

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