I don’t think I spend enough time contemplating life.   In fact, I need an extra hour or two of steady contemplation every day.  

For real. 

Life moves pretty darned fast for me.  It moves fast because I designed it that way.  Truth be told...I am an impatient person, liking my answers fast - as fast as the questions themselves.  I like it that way because it sometime feels like the waiting is a waste of time.  And I am not about wasting time. 

It’s all about lightening speed.

But there is something lost in this logic.  And, more truth be told, there is a significant amount of loss in the speed of my daily life.  

I lose the delicacy of thought.  I lose the clarity of thought to some degree as well.  But most of all I lose the freedom that comes with contemplation.  You see, pushing through and past barriers as quick as you can can be exhilarating, but these quick decisions lock you in to situations which may have served you better if you had thought things thru.  

And... being locked into things is quite simply another way of saying, “I lost some freedom.”  


No, Thank you!! 

Freedom means multiple options ... multiple roads I could travel, possibly multiple outcomes... so many possibilities.  If you sat me down and asked me if I would choose a narrow, locked in path or a path of freedom... I would absolutely choose freedom - no question.  And... it’s ironic... but I’d choose that option fast! 

Remember... I am the one who chose the fast track and my life follows that track with some pretty incredible precision.  

I am a pro. 

So how am I to reconcile this difference in what I want?  

Is it fast and precise... or slow and thoughtful? Which will I choose? 

Why not both?

Contemplation is simply time dedicated to freeform thought.  You can make it the main event or a sideline and it will still benefit you.  There is a balance to be had for sure.  I mean, if you spend all your time in contemplation you aren’t really living.  There has to be a little action to make things worthwhile.  And if you spend all your time acting, you lose a bit of the freedom. 

Balance, my love.... that’s where it’s at. 

Take Control. 

Schedule your contemplation.  Schedule it to coincide with some-thing you’re already doing.  

Name it

Own it. 

Taking a break... “Coffee and Contemplation.”

Hiking or walking during lunch... “Nature and Contemplation.”

Allowing your mind to wander while cooking... “Cooking and Contemplation.”

You get the picture... 

But don’t stop there.  Deliberately turn off your phone during times of contemplation.  Breathe!   It will all be OK!  Tell friends and family you will be unreachable for 20 minutes.  You will all survive.  I hear there was a time when people couldn’t carry their phones with them and conversations had to wait all day.  The human race survived and flourished.  

Take Charge... Schedule your contemplation and swim in it. 

Love it! 

Enjoy it!! 

Experience the joy of uninterrupted thought.  Experience the freedom.  

For funzies... write your thoughts down and marvel at the beauty of contemplation.  

Let’s do this together... today. 

Let’s schedule contemplation and enjoy the freedom of thought!! 


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