The Fire Within Is More Accessible Than You Believe


Everything you need is within reach.


What the heck is the fire within? It is motivation, celebration, focus, and drive all bundled up together and made into something amazing. 

But it is not just a thing, it's a place where you hold onto the very best of who you are and what makes you unique. It is where your passions, goals, and dreams are in full bloom within you. 


Getting the picture? 


It is all the of wonderfulness that makes life special... 

and it is right inside you. 


So how do you access it? 

It starts with choice. 


Choose to recognize the good in your life.

Choose to deliberately change the challenges into learning experiences. 


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Discovering YOU!

Discovering you is a lifelong thing. 

Actually… it’s an every moment thing.

Literally every second of your life is a new opportunity to discover and understand YOU.... and then discover you again, all shiney and new, in the next second.

Holy Moly! 

With every day...we become.  We shift and change with each interaction, each meal, each news article.  We transform ... continually becoming the butterfly. 

Becoming is our privilege and our fate.

As we become we look for definition, an internal understanding of who and why we are.  This is fleeting, like chasing our tails.  In the course of becoming we change too fast to fully define ourselves.  While we can continually assess where we are...

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I AM wisdom from MidWinter Reset! And MidSummer Reset! 2020

I AM wisdom from MidWinter Reset! And MidSummer Reset! 202

2020 is going to be one for the books for sure.   It is full of opportunity.   You heard me right… We really are blessed with the opportunity to make deep and meaningful changes within ourselves.

…even if it’s hard.

That’s what its all about ya’ll!

In the middle of all the chaos, this year has provided me with the opportunity to live a life I had hoped for but never expected.  The opportunity to change was thrust upon my life…and I jumped on the opportunity…full time.  Understand that this did not come easily.   I had to change my mindset and travel down paths I didn’t even know existed before...

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