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The Divine Feminine

Mini Retreat
November 14, 2021
10AM to 5PM

McConnell's Mill State Park, Western PA

The number 13 has gotten a bum rap.  For many many years (like…a whole lot of years)  the number 13 has been seen in a negative light.  It is the unlucky number… a source of superstition… a number which foretells tragedy.  

But… it is also the number of the divine feminine.

So what happened?

We learn a whole lot of HIS-tory… let’s learn about HER-story.  

 How did such a divine energy come to be seen as something entirely unwanted and misunderstood? In this mini retreat we unlock the understanding of the divine feminine through  HERstory.  We use biblical texts, Soul Memory Discovery, HIStorical documentation, Meditation, Journaling, and Sound to unlock our understanding of the Divine Feminine in all of us.


Topics include… 

Artwork and the Middle Ages, Archetypes, The Fall of The Tree of Knowledge, The Age of Aquarius, Judas And His Destiny, The 1 Female Archangel, How to find your Yin, How Honoring the Divine Feminine Eliminates Chaos, Honoring The Divine Feminine In YOU.

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The Spiritual Spa

(Previously MidWinter Reset!)
A Two Day Retreat
March 12 & 13, 2021
10AM to 5PM

McConnell's Mill State Park, Western PA

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MMM… Step into a full weekend of spiritual connection and expression.  We move in and out of community and exploration experiences, giving you the opportunity to connect with others while feeding the peace within.


Community activities and exploration sessions

 Drumming, Tai Chi, Toning and Tracing Meridians, Guided Watercolor Projects, Sound Baths, Meditation and Meditative Prayer, Frame Drums/Song, The Universal Reiki Experience, Collective Meditation & Visualization, Journaling, The Chocolate Bar, Processes, Essential Oil Hand Massage 

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MidSummer Reset! 2022

A Retreat For Your Mind, Body, and Spirit!

It's All About YOU!

A two day Retreat!

July 23 & 24, 2022

From 10AM to 6PM


McConnell's Mill State Park, Western PA

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Let’s hit RESET for real!

This yearly retreat has quickly become a Western PA Favorite.   The Central theme has always been and will continue to be, Celebrating YOU! 

Enjoy uplifting, soul quenching activities like:

Drum Circles (absolutely not experience necessary!  We teach you everything you need to know), Journaling, Light Yoga (no experience necessary!), Guided Meditation, Sound Bath, Breathing Techniques, Reiki & Sound Healing, Self Celebration Presentations with Bets Danko, A whole lotta laughter…, Even more fun!, New Memories and New Friends.

All you need to do is sign up and show up!  It’s that simple!

You really are worth it!

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Usui Holy Fire® Reiki Class

Levels 1 & 2
2 Saturdays - Dates TBA
From 10AM to 5PM

Near McConnell's Mill State

Class size is limited to 8 participants.

Email BetsDanko.Com at [email protected]  to sign up for this course.  In person and Zoom options are available.

Usui Holy Fire® Reiki 

Master Training

Taught individually or in groups of
up to 4 people only. 

Dates scheduled upon registration.


This includes a training manual, individualized training to match your gifts, up to 6 meetings (including live and zoom connections), and hands on training in leading Reiki 1 & 2 training courses. 


Email BetsDanko.Com at [email protected] to sign up for this course. 

The I Am Equation Mastership Program

Dates scheduled upon registration.


This includes 6 months of individualized training with Bets Danko, 6 months of Monthly group trainings, The I AM Equation online course, downloadable planners, journals, and journaling prompts, the Meditation and Journaling Course, and registration at (1) MidSummer Reset! 

Approval of application and interview necessary for participation. 

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The Celebrate YOU! Membership Experience

It is so important to put your self care first.  It will help you in all areas of your life...and will even help the people around you!   It's contagious.... the more you love you, the more others follow your lead and love themselves.  You are that powerful.  It's the time now to make the choice to Celebrate YOU! 

For $1, start your membership and get the course, Meditation & Journaling: 6 Weeks of Inner Peace -  FREE!

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 The Woman's Circle

It’s a Sisterhood thing! 

Save The Date
June 12, 2022
 10 AM to 5PM
The Spirit Garden • McConnell's Mill State Park • Western PA


Tea, conversation, games, dancing around a fire, Journaling next to a tree, singing with bowls and drums… and more…

If this sounds like a BLAST then this is the perfect experience for you. 

Outdoors and all nature like. 

On this day we celebrate all things woman.  Over tea, with chocolate in hand, and through open conversation, we look at what it means to be female.  We will acknowledge the beauty of our emotions, love, expression, compassion, understanding, and nurturing as we share warrior stories of challenge and hope.  We will, as one, Empower the Divine Feminine in all of us.


Crystal Camp 

Save The Date
October 8th and 9th, 2022
A Weekend Retreat
From 10AM to 5PM

The Spirit Garden • McConnell's Mill State Park • Western PA

**Camping available**


Crystal Camp is a modern, magical,  Earth centered experience in the energetic healing arts, incorporating the development of non-ordinary perception, extraordinary communication with energy and Earth, vibration medicine, and a whole lotta magical fun.  It is an opportunity to locate and appreciate our inner vibration and experience how that vibration plays with the world around us.... and, of course, then consciously work with it - using some of the most amazing tools within our reach... healing arts (Reiki, Chios, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Soul Memory Discovery... etc) , crystals (of course), meditation, direct communication with nature,  and our very beautiful human selves. 


Topics include… 

The Energetic Body, At Home With The Animals Of The Air, Elixirs and Potions, Music, Sound, and Vibration, The Vibration of Crystals, Soul Memory Processes, Crystal Grids, Meditation in Nature, Feathers, Prayer Sticks, Prayer Staff, Medicine wheel prayers, Tobacco and corn offerings