Discovering YOU!

Discovering you is a lifelong thing. 

Actually… it’s an every moment thing.

Literally every second of your life is a new opportunity to discover and understand YOU.... and then discover you again, all shiney and new, in the next second.

Holy Moly! 

With every day...we become.  We shift and change with each interaction, each meal, each news article.  We transform ... continually becoming the butterfly. 

Becoming is our privilege and our fate.

As we become we look for definition, an internal understanding of who and why we are.  This is fleeting, like chasing our tails.  In the course of becoming we change too fast to fully define ourselves.  While we can continually assess where we are at, the discovery of change can be a bit behind the curve.

In 2020 we were literally armed with a new defining line of what life was and what life could be. Something happened to us because of this.  We started learning what we were like down to the core… who we were without the distraction of other people. We were left with our own thoughts and supported only by the stripping down of our new sense of purpose.   And... we, by necessity, began to give ourselves space.  


Hopefully...We embraced grace.


Checking in on yourself daily is invaluable. 

After all … you should know you better than anyone else does!!! 

If you are thinking that spending so much time on yourself is selfish… well, Darlin’…. You are just plain wrong. 

Spending time checking in and getting to know just how you are doing supports you and thereby supports all the people you come in contact with … 






So… if you are sporting some new self awareness skills from 2020…. Keep them active.


We are little self realization machines!   Nice!


Because everything in life has the ability to shape and change how you behave and how you see the world, sometimes the shifts we experience are hard to detect.   Sometimes we even find ourselves thinking we are doing great and then realize something two weeks ago has made us afraid to speak our minds.   

Checking in daily gives us the ability to assess things in a time frame that can help us intercede with the Self Love before silencing our opinions is even a thing!


Living in Self Celebration is where you blossom!!! 


And… little Butterfly…


Healthy change happens beautifully in the embrace of Self Love. 


Your purpose in this world may be many things.   The one thing we know for sure is that motivating yourself to become the absolute best version of you is…


“Purpose Item Number ONE.” 


That’s where you should live…inside the purpose of motivating you every single day.  All other purpose items will easily follow.  

This is yet another moment when you have the opportunity to embrace your transformation.

Are you thinking about you? 

Spread your wings. 






For more support and monthly materials for Self Celebration, check out the 

Celebrate YOU Monthly Membership.

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