I don’t think I spend enough time contemplating life.   In fact, I need an extra hour or two of steady contemplation every day.  

For real. 

Life moves pretty darned fast for me.  It moves fast because I designed it that way.  Truth be told...I am an impatient person, liking my answers fast - as fast as the questions themselves.  I like it that way because it sometime feels like the waiting is a waste of time.  And I am not about wasting time. 

It’s all about lightening speed.

But there is something lost in this logic.  And, more truth be told, there is a significant amount of loss in the speed of my daily life.  

I lose the delicacy of thought.  I lose the clarity of...

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Discovering YOU!

Discovering you is a lifelong thing. 

Actually… it’s an every moment thing.

Literally every second of your life is a new opportunity to discover and understand YOU.... and then discover you again, all shiney and new, in the next second.

Holy Moly! 

With every day...we become.  We shift and change with each interaction, each meal, each news article.  We transform ... continually becoming the butterfly. 

Becoming is our privilege and our fate.

As we become we look for definition, an internal understanding of who and why we are.  This is fleeting, like chasing our tails.  In the course of becoming we change too fast to fully define ourselves.  While we can continually assess where we are...

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Good Vibrations

Express yourself and show the world some love!
I watched Dances With Wolves on a 5 hour flight from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles.  My emotions were on HIGH!  Fear, joy, love, understanding… Man… I was processing emotions like crazy! 
Processing emotions is golden.
An emotionally draining movie can really help to bring understanding and focus to our lives.   It’s that feeling of not being alone in our sorrow.  Viewing a cinematic masterpiece which brings tears aplenty is a fantastic opportunity let those emotions flow and go!…It’s the expression of emotional vibration. 
Gotta Love That Emotional Vibration. 
Well... it’s scientifically proven that...
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