Rockin' That Spiritual Lava Lamp

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2021

 I decided to skip my favorite event this year.  It was a hard choice.

 On the surface the decision may seem like a no-brainer… but that is far from the truth. 

 I lovingly call this event, “the hippie-fest,” and truly see it as an escape from all the drama of the “outside world.”  This event is complete with hammocks in trees and a shiitake mushroom farm.  People love one another without judgement at this event ... the kind of atmosphere I thrive in.  It is a true escape from what we perceive the world to be.   What we look like, what our jobs are, how much money we have, how we dress... none of this matters there.  What a wonderful thing!!  

And then... the mask.

 My beloved hippie-fast required masks this year.   This outdoor event which allows a tremendous opportunity to spread out and maintain space - It’s a big ol’ hunk of land and the meeting areas are under open air “tents” - was to be restricted.  Wearing a mask just didn’t seem to jive with that escape element.  It supported the mentality of “others are not safe to be around.”  


My inner Hippie was just not jiving with that.

Last year the event was cancelled out of caution so I am a good two years out from the last hippie-fest I attended and was really really really needing this.

It was painfully hard to decide not to go.   

Sometimes it seems there is no escape or opportunity to avoid the non-hippie mentality no matter where we go.  Laying back and loving life is just a little more challenging.  And now, when it is more important than ever to focus on that self love and keep the inner dialog in check, we are masked even in areas which do not support viral transmission. 

How do we handle this. 

Remember that your mind is where you reside 24 hours a day.  Keep that area mask free, my love.   Don’t hide from you.  Embrace your authenticity.  Cultivate that shiitake mushroom farm of the mind.  Hang out in your emotional hammock and relax.  

Know you... and rock that! 

Our minds should be living in that hippie fest 24/7 - where we love ourselves unconditionally and rock that spiritual lava lamp like nobody’s business.  In other words, the outside world shouldn’t have a say in what goes on in that beautiful comfort zone called your mind.  Kick out those yucky thoughts of being “non-essential,” or “contagious,” or “masked.”  Those words hurt and devalue your joy of life.  They put you in the mindset of being “unclean.”  They take you out of the inner beauty mindset. 

No thank you! 

It is more important than ever to embrace your beauty and understand who you are.  It’s time to understand that all the masks and separation are not meant to imply we are unclean, but that we all matter.  That doesn’t always make us feel comfortable... but that’s ok.  It’s totally fine to realize you are ready for a change... that’s part of loving you.  You gotta know what feels empowering and what feels super uncomfortable... then go for the things that make you feel empowered. 

It’s time, My Love, Preserve that comfy love of the mind.  

You matter.   

Back to the hippie-fest... I felt like I lost something beautiful which meant so much to me.  I felt like all these lovely humans who organize the event let me down.  Then... I realized I had empowered myself by choosing to preserve my memory of those days of freedom - hanging in trees and drumming around fires.   I hadn’t lost anything.  Masks have their does choice.  I chose to preserve a memory and live in self love.  

See beyond what you may believe you have lost.  Hippie-fests of the outside world will come back around... and that will be flippin’ awesome.  I will be the first to jump on board... in fact, I will be basking in the sunlight streaming through the trees and onto the hammocks in one shake of a shiitake for sure.  

Until then.... I will cultivate that internal hippie-fest and rock out on self love - at home and mask free. 

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