Marina S. 

Pennsylvania, USA

"I had an unprecedented experience at the MidSummer and MidWinter Reset! retreats with Bets.  I arrived full of anxiety and left feeling healed and serene - looking at the world around me from a perspective of love and light,  and understanding I am an integral part of it all.
I felt absorbed in music, meditation, flows of beautiful energy, and narrations of inspired minds.  I felt like I woke up...set to navigate through the turns and challenges of the life ahead of me with ease and calm and wisdom. There has been  an everlasting peaceful light in my heart since then."

Rossella W. 



"Bets' teachings in retreats and sessions profoundly and positively empower you to better understand yourself, your path, and the world. I highly recommend Bets as a professional, well-versed, and heart-centered Teacher. If you happen to have the chance to take one of her courses or retreats, I encourage you to jump in and be excited about all that you’ll learn. On a personal note, I ask you to trust that this wonderful person will empower and teach you how to transform your life!"

Hayley U. 

Pennsylvania, USA

“The Reset helped me open myself up to others. It gave me the space and tools to blossom and embrace my inner self! “

Lisa H. 

Virginia, USA

"This woman is so POSITIVE and LOVING........it's hard to resist!  I'm betting there is someone out there that needs to hear her message right now."

Nick D.


California, USA

"Bets possesses gifts that I don’t pretend to fully understand.  I have seen her take a person who is broken inside and help make them whole… and help countless people find the thing that’s missing in their lives and empower them to embrace change. It’s amazing stuff really.   She changes lives and helps others find true happiness.  She is an absolute gem."

Kim B. 


Pennsylvania, USA

"Bets changed my life.  She has the amazing ability to guide you through your life challenges through empowerment and spiritual growth. Her powerful energy and incredible talent for helping people, enables her to transform people's lives."

Jackie W. 

Music Therapist

Pennsylvania, USA

"I can not speak highly enough of my experiences attending workshops lead by Bets.  She is a truly wonderful group facilitator. She knows how to create workshops, activities, and classes that are suited to the many different individuals in the group. As an instructor, Bets truly engages the participants of the group individually and as a whole. I often find that I leave her classes with a better understanding of myself, yet feel very connected to the people I have met in the process."

Toni S.

Training Specialist/Event Manager

Pennsylvania, USA

"Ms. Danko is a multi-talented professional with vast experience teaching and leading groups in musical and creative activities.  Her activities focus on the intent, quality, and effect of the activity, as well as encouraging people to participate at their individual comfort and ability level.

I  respect and admire her kind, intuitive and encouraging leadership of all the participants regardless of their abilities or training."

Jennifer M. 


Ohio, USA

"If you ever though, "Maybe I need to go to a retreat," I'm here to say, "Do it!"  What are you waiting for?  I look forward to Bets' retreats twice a year.  I highly benefit from them.  I always leave feeling completely supported and full of love... and I honestly believe that everyone can benefit from that!  I can't wait for the next one!"

Danielle M. 

Actress/Makeup Artist

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

"I have attended several classes, workshops and retreats of this lovely woman. The knowledge that was gained has helped prepare me for big changes in my life. Not only has she been positively impacting how I view my energetic flow during my day to day activities, but most importantly, how I feel about my world on the inside. Her beautiful leadership and direction, to me, has been priceless. I am incredibly grateful for all that she has shared with me and I can’t wait to hear more of what she will share with the world."

Lisa O.

(The MidWinter Reset: Spiritual Spa)

Pennsylvania, USA

"Inspiring, introspective, and calming.  

This retreat is a must is you are struggling emotionally."

Paige S. 

(The MidWinter Reset: Spiritual Spa)

Pennsylvania, USA

"This was a powerful experience.  Alot of enlightenment, joy, and tears.  

If you are looking for a spiritual retreat...take this as a sign."

Marina T.

Author/Event Organizer

Los Angeles, California, USA

"Bets has extraordinary gifts in dealing with people, and I especially value her insight, tact, and kindness.  Over the years, I found that she consistently worked well with all ages - child to senior citizen, and has infinite patience as well as considerable talent.  Moreover, I deeply appreciate Bets's work ethic and reliability.  

I can not recommend her highly enough!"

Margey W.

Small Business owner

Los Angeles, California, USA

"Bets is one of the brightest lights among us. She has so much to offer. In each of her workshops and retreats she has a way of guiding everyone, to not only feel good about themselves and love all aspects of who they are, but she also empower them to embrace and celebrate their full potential. Her retreats are AMAZING and Fun! I always feel renewed, high on life and loved! Everyone deserves to give themselves a gift of one of her courses/retreats!"

Tara B.

(The MidWinter Reset: Spiritual Spa)

Pennsylvania, USA

"Just what I needed to get back to center.  It was encouraging, supporting, and fun.

I will return.

Thank you!"

Cynthia K. 

(The MidWinter Reset: Spiritual Spa)

Pennsylvania, USA

"I had a lot of fun, made new friends, and very much feel challenged to chose quality in my life."

Jackie H.

Booking Agent

Pennsylvania, USA

"Do you want to live your best life?  Everything that Bets Danko provides, whether her uplifting podcasts, in-person retreats, one-on-one live or remote sessions, or monthly memberships with a ton of learning materials...you will be glad you checked her out!"

Niki L.

Massage Therapist

Ohio, USA

"Sometimes (well a lot lately) I feel like the drama "out there" snaps me out of my "woohoo high on life" feeling and I feel like it dims my light...after listening to this (the Wisdom & Chocolate podcast), I realize the reason I'm doing that is to protect my own light.  We thrive on positivity and LOVE...ahhh!  If only everyone could get this!!!

Lora V.

(The MidWinter Reset: Spiritual Spa)

Pennsylvania, USA

"This was a great experience.  I enjoyed the people, the coffee, the chocolate, the yoga, the journaling, chanting, and sound bath.  

The Glen Eden Barn is such a peaceful and beautiful location!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."

Arie D. 

(The MidWinter Reset: Spiritual Spa)

College Student

Pennsylvania, USA

"Never a dull moment!  

Whether you end up laughing or crying, it's all meaningful and part of the wonderful experience.  

Those experiences come when you most need them in your life."

Della C.

(The MidWinter Reset: Spiritual Spa)


Pennsylvania, USA

"The retreats are one of my favorite parts of my year.  

They always leave me with a new perspective and way to approach my life!!!"

Nina S. 

(The MidWinter Reset: Spiritual Spa)

Pennsylvania, USA

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to be creative and self-reflect.  

It was a wonderful weekend!"

Bonnie L.

(The MidWinter Reset: Spiritual Spa)

Pennsylvania, USA

"This was an amazing retreat.

I learned so much about myself and also learned tools to make me the best version of myself."

Ginger R. 

(The MidWinter Reset: Spiritual Spa)

Pennsylvania, USA

"The two day Reset was so enlightening and relaxing and fulfilling.

I highly recommend it."

Jayne B.

(The MidWinter Reset: Spiritual Spa)


Pennsylvania, USA

"Bets is great and breaks down human development to help  you acknowledge your goals in life - then understand and achieve them.

Breaking down those goals into small bite size pieces is so valuable to getting started and finding your true purpose in life. "

Lorry P. 

Pennsylvania, USA

"Thank you for the MidSummer Reset!

It was fantastic!

We are so fortunate to have you!"

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