I don’t think I spend enough time contemplating life.   In fact, I need an extra hour or two of steady contemplation every day.  

For real. 

Life moves pretty darned fast for me.  It moves fast because I designed it that way.  Truth be told...I am an impatient person, liking my answers fast - as fast as the questions themselves.  I like it that way because it sometime feels like the waiting is a waste of time.  And I am not about wasting time. 

It’s all about lightening speed.

But there is something lost in this logic.  And, more truth be told, there is a significant amount of loss in the speed of my daily life.  

I lose the delicacy of thought.  I lose the clarity of...

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Happiness Through Self Celebration

celebrate happiness hope Mar 24, 2021

You wanna feel hopeful?   Celebrate YOU!

Oh yes...oh yes!

Here in 2021...we are stronger and more driven than ever. We are more resilient than ever before. We recognize our self importance. 

It’s time to Celebrate YOU....  Let’s do it!

What a perfect opportunity to become...and trust in ourselves. 

I have had the blessing of speaking to numerous clients over the last few months who have been looking at how to reinvent themselves and find their path in 2021. 

In the fabric of every message that I had to give these lovely humans were, of course, the words, “Celebrate You.”

After all... Self Celebration is the key to happiness!

When we celebrate ourselves we motivate ourselves to get more...

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