Happiness Through Self Celebration

celebrate happiness hope Mar 24, 2021

You wanna feel hopeful?   Celebrate YOU!

Oh yes...oh yes!

Here in 2021...we are stronger and more driven than ever. We are more resilient than ever before. We recognize our self importance. 

It’s time to Celebrate YOU....  Let’s do it!

What a perfect opportunity to become...and trust in ourselves. 

I have had the blessing of speaking to numerous clients over the last few months who have been looking at how to reinvent themselves and find their path in 2021. 

In the fabric of every message that I had to give these lovely humans were, of course, the words, “Celebrate You.”

After all... Self Celebration is the key to happiness!

When we celebrate ourselves we motivate ourselves to get more done in our lives.  We become motivated to lift ourselves up.  That lifting up empowers us.  All that celebration, motivation, and empowerment stuff smooshed together... equals happiness!  

How do I know this?  That smooshing leads to more Self Celebration!!  

Celebrating YOU creates a sense of happiness.  



Through Celebration comes Hope.

Absolutely eliminate self judgement...that’s a bunch of bologna you really do not need.  Throw the bologna out and create moments of celebration!  Watch and feel the happiness spill over into hope!!

Feel it, baby!  Feel it!

When we celebrate ourselves it doesn’t have to be a huge ceremonial thing. In fact we can celebrate everyday stuff.

You can literally just...

  • Get your nails done.  
  • Buy a new power tool.  
  • Treat yourself to some healthy food.  

You might say, “I already do those things.”  Great!

When we start recognizing the things that we are already doing, thereby recognizing that Self Celebration is already happening, it makes it easier to take steps toward...deliberately creating Celebration in our lives.  If we are all really Celebrating then adding a couple more Celebration elements is simple, right?


Once we get that Celebration going we start recognizing our value and seeing how beautiful and important we are. So… by nature, be capitalize on that.  We go to the salon more.  We eat healthier foods.  We find the time to write ourselves our daily love notes.  

Oh yes!!

What a beautiful thing! 



For those of you who are already taking my course, The I AM Equation, you know that this is the corner stone of everything that I teach. 

Self Celebration leads to Motivation which leads to Empowerment.  That Empowerment  makes you so excited that you just want to celebrate more!! ...it’s a complete circle. 


Every second that you celebrate can lead to empowerment - which leads to more self celebration. There is nothing more beautiful than that! 

Celebration is all about you! 

Own it. 

Love it. 

Become it. 



For more information on Self Celebration, check out the I AM Equation and see how six weeks can recharge your life.

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