About Bets Danko


As a team builder and motivational speaker with more than 20 years experience in corporate America, Bets has been called to speak throughout Southern California and Western Pennsylvania about Motivation Techniques, Personal Development, Parenting With Love, Finding Clarity Among Chaos, Homeopathy Made Simple, Natural Health Options, Tickling The Vagus Nerve (A Journey Into The Benefits of Sound), Benefits of Home Schooling, and Living An Empowered Life. 

Bets has a multilevel understanding of the human experience and creates courses, podcasts, and retreats which celebrate the unique qualities that make us individually amazing and communally empowered.   She recognizes the need to support the mind, emotions, spirit, and the physical body simultaneously to create a true state of inner peace and outward productivity.  

With more than 20 years experience in the entertainment and advertising industries, Bets' background includes the restructuring and financial tracking of post production advertising companies.  In creating strategies to strengthen the business model, she noted the employees were the key.  By celebrating their ability to deliver on point when they felt motivated, providing that motivation, and supporting job description changes to help employees flourish,  employee morale increased and company productivity went through the roof.  When people understand their value they empower themselves and those around them.  Plain and simple.  

This was the foundation for the BetsDanko.com brands of spirituality and empowerment...






Usui and Usui Holy Fire® III Reiki with William Lee Rand

Soul Memory Discovery with Ellen Kaufman Dosick, MSW

Drum Circle Facilitation with Jim Donovan

Gongs Workshop with Mike Tamburo


Homeopathic Medicine  with the British Institute of Homeopathy.