I AM wisdom from MidWinter Reset! And MidSummer Reset! 2020

I AM wisdom from MidWinter Reset! And MidSummer Reset! 202

2020 is going to be one for the books for sure.   It is full of opportunity.   You heard me right… We really are blessed with the opportunity to make deep and meaningful changes within ourselves.

…even if it’s hard.

That’s what its all about ya’ll!

In the middle of all the chaos, this year has provided me with the opportunity to live a life I had hoped for but never expected.  The opportunity to change was thrust upon my life…and I jumped on the opportunity…full time.  Understand that this did not come easily.   I had to change my mindset and travel down paths I didn’t even know existed before March… but I did jump…and I am thrilled.

What a humungous blessing!

And the thing is… that probably wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t had to stop in my tracks and wait for the world to start back up again. That is such a crazy thing to say, really.  I mean… why do humans tend to wait for their dreams rather than grab them by the horns and enjoy the ride?

Maybe we need incentive.

Maybe we just don’t believe in ourselves.

Maybe we need a good kick in the pants.

Now … I’m going to completely acknowledge that change is an ongoing thing.  It literally happens everyday.  But BIG change… the kind of change we are seeing in 2020… It sometimes happens without invitation, throwing us to the ground and leaving us wondering what the heck is happening.

Why not invest in that?   

Why not embrace the unexpected and grab those horns?!?


I think we tend to drag our feet when change is staring us in the face because our internal dialogue is telling us we aren’t ready… or we aren’t worth the time.

In 2018 I absolutely had some pretty serious inner dialogue going on that was not serving me in a positive way.  I realized my internal voices were not matching what my mission was… they were not matching what I was teaching others.   It’s not that I wasn’t being genuine when I spoke to others… I literally had no idea what my inner dialogue was saying.  Then I started realizing that my life wasn’t the way I wanted it to be.   I wasn’t happy.  I realized things needed to change… so I started changing the internal dialogue.   I started pep talking myself.

I changed how I spoke to myself and it changed my life.

We are at a moment of change now.   It came without invitation… but it is now time for us to embrace that change and choose to engage.  It’s time to invest. 


One way to jump into change is by working with I AM statements. With I AM statements I was able to harness the power of words and change the way I saw my world back in 2018.  I revisit that method frequently.  With I AM statements we can change our internal dialogue and amplify our awesomeness.  And… the thing is… when we feel awesome we have more confidence and we are more willing and able to tackle the challenges in front of us.

So how does it work? 

List some awesome words which describe you and narrow those thousands of words down to three.   It’s hard to choose, I know.  Choose really positive and empowering words.  Focus on the things you know make you uniquely powerful and strong.  If it is difficult for you to do this, ask someone who loves you to give you three words which describe why they love you.  I am sure they will be happy to do this.

Once you have your words, tack on “I AM” to front of each word.   These are your I AM statements. They should be uplifting.   They should be centering and allow you to understand you have strength and unique wisdom.   They should remind you that you have value.

They should help you to look at every insecurity and decide they are all… well…. completely unnecessary and debilitating.  They hold you back.  It makes you think you “can’t” even when you can rock that S***.

It’s time to say, “Bye bye.”

If your I AM statements are hard to write…guess what…you need to make a habit of writing affirming words to yourself. You are so immensely powerful and words back that up like crazy so make a habit of thinking up awesome things to tell yourself.   Write I AM statements like they are love letters for goodness sake!

Use words that empower and uplift you…AND…Invest in the opportunity to change which is right in front of you.

You will love yourself for it.

My current I AM statements?

I AM Queen

I AM Goddess

I AM Serenity



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