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Express yourself and show the world some love!
I watched Dances With Wolves on a 5 hour flight from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles.  My emotions were on HIGH!  Fear, joy, love, understanding… Man… I was processing emotions like crazy! 
Processing emotions is golden.
An emotionally draining movie can really help to bring understanding and focus to our lives.   It’s that feeling of not being alone in our sorrow.  Viewing a cinematic masterpiece which brings tears aplenty is a fantastic opportunity let those emotions flow and go!…It’s the expression of emotional vibration. 
Gotta Love That Emotional Vibration. 
Well... it’s scientifically proven that vibration of every kind affects life on Earth.... especially when the vibration is coming from Earth.... 
…and Earth is vibrating, man!   
Vibration can affect life in positive and in challenging ways.  Generally, the higher the vibration, the happier we all are.  
Earth is pretty darn big but sometimes the vibration is subtle and we just aren’t even aware we are being affected until we’ve been crying for a week for no apparent reason… or. If crying isn’t your thing… maybe you’re more angry than usual… or more withdrawn.  
There we are right in the middle of an emotional earthquake and we don’t realize we are being affected by a spiritual cleansing within Earth.  What?  Another realization?...acknowledging our emotions helps Earth process these cleansing parties.  And here’s the lightbulb moment... 
If we process our emotions and bring ourselves back to a loving place, 
We raise the vibration of Earth.   
We raise the vibration of all who live on Earth.  
We create Peace. 
If you want to help Earth, help Yourself. 
Oh my goodness…it’s your party… cry if you want to!!  Journal to stop with withdrawal patterns.  Scream in a pillow for goodness sake!   Process and help yourself.
You might say, “but if I don’t know if the vibrational shifts of Earth are affecting me when I’m laying on the floor feeling utterly lost and lacking any and all direction,  what do I do?”
It’s a “win win” situation.... whether Earth is vibrating in a funky way, or you’re the vessel carrying the funky vibration, expressing yourself and bringing yourself back to a place of love will still create peace and raise the vibration of Earth.   
Crazy,man... crazy!!
Our souls are born of the same light.  We are all connected.   We are all of the same energy.  We feel one another because we are sharing a light that is bigger than the physical bodies we are living in.   When you hurt, I hurt.   When you feel joy, I am joyful. When you feel lost, I feel as though I can not find my way.  We are one.  
So if you release your frustration through crying.... I’m crying right along with you.   
What a relief!    
If you meditate to neutralize your anger.... I’m sitting in lotus right along with you.  
Thank you!!  
When you choose to love....I’m feeling the vibe. 
Your positivity moves from your soul in waves of light and love.
So if you want to curl up with a good book, do it.   If you need to journal to process your thoughts, do it.  If you need to watch a man ride a horse and talking to wolves, do it.  Supporting you is an act of bringing positivity of the world and raising the vibration of Earth.
What a beautiful thing. 

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