Have Faith

Are you feeling it?
I am.
There are some crazy #$$ vibes going on out there and we are filtering them like an ape with an itch. Right? All fierce and focused! There is no denying that itch is gonna be there for a while so it’s time to allow ALL the finger nails to go in on that one. Filter it, baby, filter it!
Ha ha… I can totally hear you… “HUH?”
It’s a blessing to know we can feel one another. We can feel the crazy #$$ vibes. It is a blessing to know that even with all the space between us we are totally sensing one another as we process fear, concern, love, panic, kindness, anger, beauty… well…....
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Good Vibrations

Express yourself and show the world some love!
I watched Dances With Wolves on a 5 hour flight from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles.  My emotions were on HIGH!  Fear, joy, love, understanding… Man… I was processing emotions like crazy! 
Processing emotions is golden.
An emotionally draining movie can really help to bring understanding and focus to our lives.   It’s that feeling of not being alone in our sorrow.  Viewing a cinematic masterpiece which brings tears aplenty is a fantastic opportunity let those emotions flow and go!…It’s the expression of emotional vibration. 
Gotta Love That Emotional Vibration. 
Well... it’s scientifically proven that...
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Love Is The "BAM" Of Personal Expression

My biggest cheerleader for challenge is poison ivy.
It’s so cool to have something so determined to help me learn to avoid things that harm me. Not! In truth, I have to say... the oils coming from this beautiful yet hairy plant are so dedicated to making me suffer that I’m just not understanding why God would choose to make such a vengeful thing.
It seems so sweet and vibrant…the poison ivy plant. The leaves are very light and unassuming. They are soft little leaves that change to such beautiful autumn shades as the temperature changes and we find ourselves embracing fall.
It climbs trees as well. It’s just so talented. It goes straight up and is agile and graceful in its ascent. Its roots are strong and...
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Life Is Good

Remember summer camp?  
Buses and cars drive up (it’s always ‘up’, I don’t know why) to a place in the woods filled with buildings built a hundred years ago and stories to fill multiple lifetimes of “back when I was a kid” wisdom.   Kids from everywhere find a cabin or a place to pitch a tent.  Strangers become roommates, teenagers become leaders, and memories are made over stomachs filled with s’mores and songs that hail the simplicity of the life of a bullfrog and mosquitos that get under your nighty.  
It’s childhood in a nutshell.
At camp your worries are all about crafts, volleyball, and swimming tests.  At camp a dinner...
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