Have Faith

Are you feeling it?
I am.
There are some crazy #$$ vibes going on out there and we are filtering them like an ape with an itch. Right? All fierce and focused! There is no denying that itch is gonna be there for a while so it’s time to allow ALL the finger nails to go in on that one. Filter it, baby, filter it!
Ha ha… I can totally hear you… “HUH?”
It’s a blessing to know we can feel one another. We can feel the crazy #$$ vibes. It is a blessing to know that even with all the space between us we are totally sensing one another as we process fear, concern, love, panic, kindness, anger, beauty… well…. everything. Thank God you are there…cause I am finding the struggle to be more than overwhelming. Filtering with friends is so comforting. Without YOU… I’d probably be digging the underground bunker right now.
For real.
Let’s face it… this pandemic thing is new to us. We ain’t fully aware how to behave. No one really prepared us for this “social distancing” thing. Not as if anyone could know this distance thing going to be the new fad. And so…. wait… can I just tell you… of all the talking points and buzz word combinations that have come out over the many years I have been in body… this is probably my least favorite. It is so painfully contradictory for someone like me….
Social and distance do not belong in the same sentence people!
I need me some huggin.
Do you even understand how hard it is for me to see people and not hug them right now? It has been my understanding for many years that people need hugs. With all the stress that comes from regular life, much less pandemic life, people need hugs…. Hugs with no strings attached… unconditional hugs… hugs which are truly full of love. And here I am on an island in the woods and I am encouraged to not hug people…. People who are hurting… people who are feeling the pain of isolation…people who need reassurance that everything will be ok.
So here’s the deal… things got real for me last week. For some time now I have been closed off from much of my spiritual interaction. I had a need to be “normal” for a while. When the pandemic hit and I knew it was headed our way I went further into myself and did not want to “see” anything. I closed the spiritual door. I could feel the panic coming and I knew I needed to spiritually isolate in order to know how to process things.
LOL… not anymore.
I had three people scheduled for sessions last week. Two of those people wanted readings. Ummm… what? In order to do readings I had to open some spiritual doors and become exposed to spirit/messages - even stuff I was spiritually isolating myself from. My spiritual door was gonna be flung wide open and all sorts of funky was going to walk it.
Real was a-comin.
On top of that... when I isolated myself from spirit, messages kind of got bottled up. It’s like being a really awesome bottled Kombucha being shaken and then opened….. like some super strong probiotic explosion… neutralizing all the nasty stuff in it’s wake. When the flood gates opened there was no holding back. I was so happy to talk to clients...but that probiotic explosion definitely played it's part in those sessions.
But hey... It Might Surprise You
… the pandemic did not show up to me like a dark abyss of pain and destruction. It was light. It was open and full of crisp, clean, beautiful air. It glowed with a radiant bluish white light. It was music. It was stillness. It was introspection. It was a love, and slowness, and compassion. It was divine healing light.
So I know many of you are saying…. “umm… so you are like always saying happy things. How is this any different.” So… maybe you don’t know me as well as you think.
Most of my channeling and prophetic dreams are dark. They are frightening and fill me with sorrow. Most of what I know is coming is painful to see and process. I’m not talking about the things I see during sessions…. I’m talking about the things I see when no one is aware and no one is looking for answers. This was why, when I felt something crazy "bad" coming, I isolated myself from spirit. I was afraid to see what was coming.
This pandemic was different.
I had been spiritually isolating myself - bracing for what was coming - only to find there is hope.
Will there be pain? Yes. Will there be suffering? Yes. Will our lives change? Yes. Will we find peace in the stillness we must now embrace? Yes. The hope is real. The beauty of how we recover is a story we will forever embrace.
We will recover.
We will recover.
I will hug you from afar…
through thought,
through reiki,
through Skype sessions,
through online reiki classes (Gotta love Zoom)
Oh my gosh!! I’m hugging you RIGHT NOW!
There is divine light surrounding us.
Have faith.

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