The I AM Equation Mastership Program

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Millions of entrepreneurs, executives, athletes, and every day people have hired life coaches to help them improve their lives and reach new levels of potential and performance.

The most successful people are the people who are self aware and are clear on what their goals are.  They celebrate their successes, Motivate themselves through Clarity, and continually Empower themselves by acknowledging their strengths and their challenges.   

What I know…

  •  Success is within reach if you want it to be.
  •  When you learn to Celebrate YOU, you become more motivated to achieve your goals.
  •  Celebration and Motivation are the key elements to feeling Empowered and experiencing success.
  •  The more Empowered you feel, the more you want to Celebrate YOU!


This is how I support your self empowerment…by opening the doors to your self awareness and teaching you how to Celebrate YOU.  It’s time to become your own Celebration Generator and I am dedicated to helping you succeed through the I AM Equation Mastership Program.

Your goals are within reach when you understand your value.

Become inspired.  Make a difference in your life. Start something that matters. 

Let’s start Celebrating YOU now!



How is The I AM Equation Mastership (IAEM) program different from other programs?


IAEM is designed to Celebrate YOU.

The goal, even beyond any of your goals, is to help you Celebrate YOU in every aspect of your life. There is a set of specific questions that are followed in each unique call with Bets. And each call also has a training component, which teaches you a new habit, tool, or concept that furthers your growth in that area. In short, there is a curriculum in IAEM, a true roadmap for progress, that allows you to consistently feel that each session is adding value and Celebrating YOU as you move forward in your life.

What Do I Get If I Am Accepted? 


  •  6 monthly 1.5 hour calls with Bets Danko ($1500 value) 
  •  6 months of Monthly training ($1500 value) 
  •  6 months access to the monthly membership program, Celebrate YOU! Exclusive, which includes the Celebrate You Archives, ($180 value) 
  •  Admittance to (1) MidSummer Reset,  ($250 Value) 
  •  Access to the MidSummer and MidWinter Reset Private FB Group (Always free) 
  •  Access to The I AM Equation ( a 6 week course), ($350 value) 
  •  Access to The I AM Equation - The Art of Organization ( a 4 week course) ($250 Value) 
  •  Access to The I AM Equation - The Power of Three ( a 4 day course)  ($250 Value) 
  •  Access to The I AM Equation - Mastering The Transitions With Clarity (a 4 day course) ($250 Value) 
  •  Access to Meditation and Journaling with the Becoming! Meditations, ($150 value) 
  •  Access to the Meditation & Journaling, Clarity, Divine Feminine, and Becoming The Water Meditation Programs, ($200 Value)
  •  Access to the I AM Equation Planners ($100 Value)
  •  Access to the Clarity Journal ($50 Value) 
  •  Downloadable quizzes, book lists, product guides, workbooks, charts, diagrams, and course supplemental materials to support your journey, ($1500 value) 

-a $6430 Value-

Can I Really Do This? 

Yes!  You can! 

Progress starts with a process, a system for exploring important issues and finding new points of growth. The I AM Equation Mastership program is the process which will lead you to new choices in positivity, opportunities for self awareness, and potential for personal and professional  growth.

  You can always be confident that there is a next step already set for you. On days when you have little to report, you can count on us to direct you toward new habits and growth.

The process is provided by BDC - the dedication is provided by you. 

So if you can follow a process - and you can maintain your focus, presence, and desire to grow

- you can do this.


If you are not ready to dive deep into your emotions, your personal goals, and/or your motivation habits….

If you are not ready to see yourself in a new light, celebrate life, and find value in your challenges…

If you are not ready to find inner peace, support positive relationships, or find peaceful ways to interact at work…

you may want to think about this... 


The I AM Equation is… 


Celebrate • Motivate • Empower


If you are not ready to Celebrate, Motivate, and Empower YOU… 

this program is not for you. 

The Time For Mastership Is Now! 

Complete the form and access your application today!