The MidSummer Reset! 

July 20th & 21st, 2024

10AM to 6PM Both Days

Glen Eden Barn - Evans City, PA










We are in our 6th year!

Imagine An Inspirational Weekend Of Relaxation


Self Celebration!

 Ease into a comfortable, welcoming, and accepting atmosphere, where you can sit back and take a break from your daily life!
  We provide the laughter, journaling, yoga, meditation, music, and more...

and we do this for you.  


Imagine a retreat that allows you to focus on You!


If there is one thing we have learned in the last couple years is that we need to make time to focus on ourselves and bring joy to our lives. The MidSummer Reset is an opportunity to come together with people just like you and let go of all the day to day stresses that zap your inspiration and leave you wondering what life is really all about!

Imagine accessing your joy during two days of life affirming activities like drumming, meditation, journaling, yoga, sound baths, prayer, personal development presentations and more.  And...Imagine finding the balance that comes when we respect and uplift one another.  

In this beautiful weekend, you will also have the opportunity to break away from the group and the freedom to experience things on your own like essential oils, chanting,  short reiki sessions, personal affirmations, and enjoying a break outside in this gorgeous and secluded location.

This is definitely a weekend committed to feeding the peace within. 

Reset Your Life!

Let's be real...You need this.  

Explore some of the many offerings...

  • Experience Motivational Mindset presentations with¬†Bets Danko which center on self awareness, self acceptance, and self celebration!
  • Embrace Journaling in an interactive and reassuring atmosphere
  • Experience the benefits of Meditation,¬†
  • Explore the positive effects of Music on your overall health
  • Relax with a Yoga immersion suited to every level of yoga practice
  • Enjoy¬†a Drum Circle¬†each morning that you are gonna love¬†(no experience necessary)
  • Celebrate YOU!

It's time to harness your self celebration and motivation for 2024!

This retreat will help you rebalance your life.  


MidSummer Reset! 

July 20th & 21st, 2024

10AM to 6PM Both Days

Glen Eden Barn, 231 Dufford Rd., Evans City, In Beautiful Western Pennsylvania

It's time to Celebrate YOU!

Drum Circles!

Absolutely no drumming experience required! Make music, relax, and tickle your vagus nerve with drumming!


Journaling & Meditation!

Relax with meditation and journaling practices designed to give you reassurance and inspiration. 

Let's Do This!

Self Celebration!

Celebrate YOU with centering yoga, community drumming, relaxing sound baths and self empowerment exercises!

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Join us and Celebrate YOU!


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Saturday and Sunday


9:30AM Registration

10AM Drum Circle

11-1PM  Welcome with Bets Danko, Journaling, Yoga, 

1:15 - 2:30 LUNCH

After Lunch... 

Music, Journaling, Meditation, Essential Oil, Reiki Sound Bath, and more

5:30PM Closing Meditation and Envisioning Your Path with Bets Danko

6PM Closing

I'm Ready To Celebrate ME!



I came to this retreat quite frazzled by the news, frazzled by work, frazzled by the day to day.  But after 2 days of unplugging, drumming, sound baths, reiki, and overwhelming positivity in messaging and journaling, I am returning home feeling calm and grounded!



I attended the MidWinter retreat with the intention of a self care weekend.  I fulfilled my intention and beyond!  My time was filled with great people and awesome facilitators!  This was my first experience with drumming... I love, love, loved it!  The Sound meditation lifted my soul.  Thank you, Bets! 




Bets is a Speaker and Live Retreat Facilitator who thrives on getting audiences excited to limit the chaos and uncertainty in their lives by giving them a peek at what’s possible and handing them the tools for success. 

Bets has more than 20 years experience in developing positive interpersonal interactions and helping others recharge their minds and bodies. She has been called to speak throughout Southern California and Western Pennsylvania about  Personal Empowerment, Personal Development, Organization, Parenting, and Home Schooling.




Kim is the author of Words of Wonderment, a book of inspiration and motivation.  She is called to support the journeys of people looking to access their inner strength and empowerment through writing. Guided and interactive story activities will get your creative juices flowing and give you multiple opportunities to put thoughts into written words. 

*Kim is the founder of Boucek's Battalion,  a non-profit organization based in Pittsburgh, PA, dedicated to supporting the men and women serving in our country's military, who are stationed overseas. Boucek's Battalion strives to be the avenue through which the generous citizens of our community can show our brave Soldiers that they are not forgotten.



Maureen has a knack for creating a comfortable, calming atmosphere for people to heal and grow. She has been practicing yoga since 1998, teaching since 2003 and training yoga teachers since 2008. Her love of this practice and the growth she sees in others through yoga inspires her daily. She has combined yoga and drumming at local retreat centers where people can learn Mindfulness Practices that help reduce stress, increase their ability to focus and improve their quality of living.

Enjoy two days of relaxation at the Glen Eden Barn.  

This scenic and secluded location has become a favorite for weddings and celebrations of all kinds.  

On July 20th & 21st  2024 it will be the perfect place to Celebrate YOU!


MidSummer Reset! 

July 20th & 21st, 2024

10AM to 6PM Both Days

Glen Eden Barn, 231 Dufford Rd., Evans City, In Beautiful Western Pennsylvania

It's time to Celebrate YOU!



This has forever changed my being to share with so many amazing humans love, light, and laughter. I will use every tool you so lovingly shared with me.  You have left me uplifted and excited for my future!  Thank you to you, Bets, and your beautiful team! 



An amazing experience... emotional and thought provoking.   Thank you so much, Bets!!



Commit to a relaxing weekend and recharge your life.

Let's be real... committing to caring for ourselves should be something we do every day of our lives, yet we find all sorts of excuses not to.  The reality is that when we care for ourselves we are recharged and more capable of approaching our lives with more positivity.  The outcome?  We become empowered and feel motivated to reach our goals.  

Reserve your spot at The MidSummer Reset and recharge your life!

Register Now - Tickets WILL SELL OUT and space is limited! 

This two day event is currently $300

(Registrations are sold in blocks and will increase to $350 per spot)

We provide the drumming, laughter, journaling, yoga, meditation, sound baths,  reiki practitioners, etcetera. All you need to do is sign up and show up!  

  • This retreat is designed to help you...Celebrate, Motivate, and Empower YOU!

  • Experience tremendously positive & uplifting presentations¬†by Bets Danko¬†
  • Experience the benefits of guided meditation
  • Explore the positive effects of music on your overall health through drumming (no experience necessary), and beautifully relaxing sound baths
  • Practice and embrace¬†your journaling skills for self awareness
  • Relax with a gentle yoga immersion suited to every level of yoga practice
  • Indulge in the Chocolate Bar inspired by Bets Danko's podcast, Wisdom & Chocolate
  • Experience the amazing Hunter Brothers Coffee at The Coffee Bar
  • Come together with like-minded people in an atmosphere of empowerment and motivation
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