Meditation and Journaling Experience

with Bets Danko and

the Becoming Meditations


Six Weeks of Inner Peace

It's time to Celebrate YOU!

6 Weeks of

Inner Peace!

This Meditation and Journaling experience contains all the meditations from the Becoming CD. 

Each meditation is accompanied by

  • 7 meditation prompts and
  • 7 journaling prompts

This is a total of 42 meditation experiences.

Each meditation builds on the one prior to give you an enhanced journey to inner peace.



These meditations were originally presented at BetsDanko.Com live events. They were recorded in a studio setting with original music to enhance your experience.


6 Weeks of Peace? Yes!!

Thought Suggestions!

Each day of this experience you are given suggestions for how to approach the meditations.  This is done to help shape your experience and help you dive deeper into the meditations.

I'm Ready!

Journaling Prompts!

You are encouraged to journal after each meditation, first describing your meditation experience and additionally using suggested journaling prompts provided in this program.

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Celebrate YOU! With 6 Weeks Of Inner Peace


I'm Ready To Celebrate ME!

Bets Danko

The Creator Of The Meditation & Journaling Experience

with the Becoming Meditations

Bets has more than 20 years experience in developing positive interpersonal interactions and helping others recharge their minds, bodies, and souls. She has been called to speak throughout Southern California and Western Pennsylvania about Self Celebration, Personal Empowerment, Personal Development, Parenting, Homeopathy, Natural Health options, Home Schooling, and Spirituality.

Bets creates a spiritual journey that celebrates your individuality and supports healthy change.

Meditation Tracks

Opening Sacred Space

An opening experience to help focus your thoughts on relaxing into your body


Birth From The Void

A Truly moving experience,  Birth From The Void is a guided meditation in which you can allow yourself to witness and embrace the birth of your soul.


I Am The Waters Of Life

In this meditation you are given the opportunity to understand your connection to everything around you.


Climbing The Tree Of Life

In this meditation you are gently lead through the understanding that you are part of All That Is. 


The Gift Of The Shaman

In The Gift Of The Shaman you are presented with the generosity of spirit and experience the gifts revealed within your meditation.


Infinity and Eternity

What does your life look like at the intersection of Infinity and Eternity?  At this point of endless possibility, where will your dreams lead you? 

Celebrate YOU! With 6 Weeks Of Inner Peace


I'm Ready To Celebrate ME!