The I AM Equation

A Foundational Course

For Self Empowerment


Six Weeks of 

Celebrating, Motivating, and Empowering...YOU!

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The I AM Equation is a course designed to Celebrate, Motivate, and Empower YOU! 

Bets Danko isolated the most transformational aspects of her teachings to create  The I AM Equation.  As an extension of the MidSummer and MidWinter Resets, the I AM Equation dives deeper into the understanding of self and how that understanding leads to the Empowerment of YOU! 

This course is presented in 6 modules which support the I AM Equation…

Celebrate • Motivate • Empower


Breaking It Down • Making It Easy • Connecting The Dots

        • Module #1 - Understanding the Authentic Self
        • Module #2 - Knowing What You Want & Letting Go Of Fear Of The Unknown
        • Module #3 - Mastering Your Inner Dialog
        • Module #4 - What You Know & What You Believe - Knowing the difference
        • Module #5 - The Simplicity of “Why”
        • Module #6 - The Commitment To Authenticity

The I AM Equation is a Six Week Course Designed To Empower Your Choices And Empower Your Life

The I AM Equation was designed to help people understand their unique needs for personal growth and self celebration.  This course is a starting point, a continuation of skillsets, and a step into a new life.... all in one.  Go ahead... make the choice to declare, "I AM," and Super-Charge your life. 

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Outlines of the teachings within each module - plus downloadable worksheets and support materials - are available for download within the course.

Recorded Lessons

Recorded lessons are provided for each module to guide you through all of the teachings and support your journey toward Self Celebration!

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And Start Using The I AM Equation

Breaking It Down • Making It Easy • Connecting The Dots

In this course we break down the equation - Celebrate • Motivate • Empower. We make self celebration easy to understand and access through simple tools you can use throughout your life.  Then we connect the dots, helping you to become a Celebration Generator in your own life, empowering you to make healthier and lasting choices for your personal success story. 

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Look at you... you are a Celebration Generator in the making! 

The foundational skillsets of this course, designed by Bets Danko, support your journey to a more fulfilling life through video presentations, worksheets, pdf downloads, and guidance for carrying your new skills into your everyday life.  

Within this 6 module course you will be given tools to help promote a better understanding of how your inner dialog controls every aspect of your life.   By shifting that inner dialog you can make more powerful choices to create the life you have always wanted.

Bets breaks all her teachings down into 6 individual segments full of teachings and tools that put you in the drivers seat.  She makes the teachings easy to follow and simple to understand.  While the journey can sometimes be challenging, she helps you connect all the dots and pull together a formula for self empowerment through 6 modules which build upon one another and create a solid understanding of her teachings.

Bets leads you through understanding who you are, embracing what you want for your life, shifting your inner dialogue, and simplifying your life on your path to self empowerment. 

With an understanding that many of us are living lives and choosing paths based on what society tells us we are or should be experiencing, Bets helps you break the mold… to come from a more authentic understanding of who you are and start Celebrating YOU!

This is truly a course designed for you...


jump in and have a blast celebrating, motivating, and empowering YOU!

Put Yourself First!

It's time to Celebrate YOU!! 

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This Is Your Time!

It is so important to put your self care first.  It will help you in all areas of your life...and will even help the people around you!   It's contagious.... the more you love you, the more others follow your lead and love themselves.  You are that powerful.  It's the time now to make the choice to Celebrate YOU! 

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Let's Do This!

I am Bets Danko.  I create courses and retreats that celebrate the unique qualities that make us individually amazing and communally empowered.   I recognize the need to support the mind, emotions, spirit, and the physical body simultaneously to create a true state of inner peace and outward productivity... and I incorporate that into every course I create.  

Why?  Because I am living proof that my course content works.

Have you ever struggled with feeling lost in your own life?

I did.

Just like you, I felt like I had no idea who I was or why I felt lost. I was living the life everyone else told me would be fulfilling, but somewhere along the way I lost my connection to who I was inside.  Honestly, it was a struggle until I finally realized I could make some pretty simple choices and change my life.  

I am so thrilled to share

I am so excited to share The I AM Equation with you. These teachings have been helping so many people around the world that it has been my goal to share this with the online community... with YOU!  

And now...It's AVAILABLE to YOU... TODAY!

It is a pleasure to guide you through some pretty simple steps toward really understanding your value and celebrating the qualities in you which are truly remarkable.  I make it simple, and encourage you to celebrate YOU!

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Bets Danko has been called to speak throughout the United States about Personal Empowerment, Parenting With Love, Homeopathy Made Simple, Natural Health Options, Tickling The Vagus Nerve, Benefits of Home Schooling, and Empowered Spirituality.