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Imagine a webinar that can actually change the way you look at your life!


Oh my gosh!  We all deserve to be inspired!  

  • Image feeling motivated to reach your goals.  
  • Imagine taking charge of your thoughts and deliberately setting yourself  up for more positive interactions with others and with yourself. 
  • Imagine feeling empowered to own who you are and then literally celebrate that every day of your life. 
  • Imagine having a dedicated and motivated mentor to help you realize just how flipping amazing you are. 

This is Living An Inspired Life... the webinar that reminds you just how powerful you are...and creates a safe and uplifting space to be Inspired! 

 Imagine 1 hour of your life that can actually make a difference!



Your host, Bets Danko, gets straight to the point... with easily presented tools, humor, and gentle yet direct guidance.  This is a one hour webinar you do not want to miss. She takes the very best of what you know to be true about yourself and Celebrates that while giving you new tools and strategies for getting more from your life. 

It is time to live inspired. 

Sign up for this awesome webinar now and change your life.

Find Clarity in the things that matter most to you! 


It's time to be inspired!!

Let's be real...You need this.  

  • Bring your life back into balance.
  • Find clarity in the things that matter to you.
  • Learn how to stay motivated. 
  • Learn how to approach your life with positivity.
  • Learn how people maintain joy in their lives. 
  • Focus on the things that matter.
  • Celebrate YOU!

It's time to Be Inspired!


Imagine feeling motivated to reach your goals!

Live Webinar Format!

The webinar is live and recorded on the spot so you can enjoy the replay for a limited time after the event!        

Downloadable Workbook!

The workbook is available after the event so you can revisit the material whenever you'd like and do the exercises as many times as needed! 

New Material!

Been to one of our retreats? Taken an online course? This is all new.  You aren't gonna find this material anywhere else!

Your Host...



Bets has more than 20 years experience in developing positive interpersonal interactions and helping others recharge their minds, bodies, and souls. Bets specializes in helping people see their value and become more self aware.  She has been called to speak throughout the United States about Self Celebration, Personal Empowerment, Personal Development, Parenting, Homeopathy, Natural Health options, Home Schooling, and Spirituality. 

Bets makes focusing on you fun and easy! 

Start Living An Inspired Life Today!  

Learn how to start celebrating YOU every single day!!


Danielle M.  

(Makeup Artist - Pennsylvania)

"I have attended several classes, workshops and retreats of this lovely woman. The knowledge that was gained has helped prepare me for big changes in my life. Not only has she been positively impacting how I view my energetic flow during my day to day activities, but most importantly, how I feel about my world on the inside. Her beautiful leadership and direction, to me, has been priceless. I am incredibly grateful for all that she has shared with me and I can’t wait to hear more of what she will share with the world. “ 


Margey W. 

(Reiki Master - California)

"Bets is one of the brightest lights among us. She has so much to offer. In each of her workshops and retreats she has a way of guiding everyone, to not only feel good about themselves and love all aspects of who they are, but she also empowers them to embrace and celebrate our full potential. Her retreats are AMAZING and Fun! I always feel renewed, high on life and loved! Everyone deserves to give themselves a gift of one of her courses/retreats!"


Nick D. 

(Film Maker - California/Pennsylvania)

"Bets possesses gifts that I don’t pretend to fully understand.  I have seen her take a person who is broken inside and help make them whole… and help countless people find the thing that’s missing in their lives and empower them to embrace change. It’s amazing stuff really.   She changes lives and helps others find true happiness.  She is an absolute gem."


Rossella W. 

(Educator - Italy)

"Bets' teachings in retreats and sessions profoundly and positively empower you to better understand yourself, your path, and the world. I highly recommend Bets as a professional, well-versed, and heart-centered Teacher. If you happen to have the chance to take one of her courses or retreats, I encourage you to jump in and be excited about all that you’ll learn. On a personal note, I ask you to trust that this wonderful person will empower and teach you how to transform your life!”

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