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Awakening The Mind: 

An Inspirational Presentation On Discovering The Power Within

(A two hour interactive presentation)

A powerhouse presentation of courage and transformation which pulls together leading principles of Bets’ core programs, The Power Of Three, Flip It, The I AM Equation, and I Can Do That. Packed with relatable stories and life changing guidance on discovering personal power, this presentation is a game changer for companies and groups looking to create a sense of cohesiveness and drive by inspiring their participants to celebrate the power within all of us.


Topics covered:

  •  Learning to identify and acknowledge what is stopping you from reaching your goals. 
  •  Overcoming fear in challenging situations. (The Power of Three)
  •  Your mindset foreshadows the outcome of your life.
  •  Investigating the statistics on how trauma can fuel success. 
  •  You choose how challenges affect your life. (Flip It)
  •  Accessing the secrets of satisfaction and motivation. (The I AM Equation)
  •  The art of ‘Breaking Free’ from what holds you back. (I Can Do That)



I Can Do That! - A Presentation On Courage

( A one hour presentation)

Courage is accessible at every turn.  It comes from a deep self awareness and the willingness to learn.  Using true stories and Bets’ program, The Power Of Three, participants learn how to act through courage and embrace their potential for happiness through learning. 

This presentation is for groups looking to motivate their participants to reach their goals and empower them to live up to their potential, both professionally and personally.

This dynamic presentation can be formatted for older audiences, inspiring them to face physical and mental challenges with courage.


Topics covered: 

  •  The three fundamental emotional needs people have and how to amplify their worth by tapping into them. (The Power Of Three)
  •  Facing challenge with excitement creates life’s most rewarding opportunities.
  •  Challenge uncovers our potential.
  •  Excitement for learning automatically provides you with a plan B.
  • Successful people understand there is no such thing as ‘losing’.
  • You have the power to open another door.
  • The science behind mindset and emotional fulfillment.



Flip It: Change Your Perspective And Love Your Life

( A one to two hour interactive presentation)

A lighthearted look at how your mindset affects the way you react to the world around you. Pulling in some key points from Bets’ programs, The Power Of Three, The I AM Equation, and I Can Do That, this presentation provides tools and simple formulas for creating motivation and positive change in any business or group setting.  


Topics covered:

  •  Learn the Power of Three formula for getting what you want. (The Power Of Three)
  •  How to use the Power of Three formula to empower your team and/or the people in your life.
  •  Learn the key elements to your internal Pep talk and increase your motivation for success. (The I AM Equation)
  •  The difference between failure and learning…is your mindset.
  •  Changing the way you talk to yourself will create far more effective results than trying to change other people. 
  •  Adopt the role model mindset. (I Can Do That)



Your Life In Action:

Engaging Your Inner Control Freak

( A one hour presentation)

The inner control freak knows what it wants and how to get it, so why not unleash it and own how great it feels to be in control of your life? This presentation, using key points from Bets’ programs, I Can Do That, The I AM Equation, and The Power Of Three, is for companies and groups looking to create focus based teams with an increased dedication and loyalty of their participants, by empowering them to engage with their responsibilities.


Topics covered:

  •  Job satisfaction and fulfillment is directly related to knowing you have the ability to make a difference.
  •  You are meant to get in the game. (I Can Do That)
  •  Self awareness is a key element to living a successful life.  Know Thyself. (The I AM Equation)
  •  Crisis is a product of not setting boundaries.  Be willing to say ‘no’.
  •  You are the only one who controls how you react.
  •  The direct connection between Purpose, Fulfillment, and Success. (The Power Of Three)
  •  For team leaders: Creating continual team wins and steadfast loyalty by acknowledging value of the individual.



Invest In Quality, Baby!

( A one hour presentation)

If it’s not creating growth or supporting productivity, it’s time to leave it behind. This presentation was created for both companies and groups looking to increase confidence, optimism,  and decisiveness in their team members/participants. Invest In Quality, Baby! uses elements from the Flip It, The Clarity Principle, and The I AM Equation programs from Bets Danko. 


Topics covered: 

  •  Our lives are shaped by information coming in.
  •  Your desire to prove you are right is very strong.
  •  Understanding negative ‘self talk’ so you know how to overcome it. (Flip it)
  •  All true and actionable transformation begins with clarity. (The Clarity Principle)
  •  How to create empowering boundaries which don’t limit growth.
  •  How to give yourself incentives by rewarding short-term wins. (The I AM Equation) 
  •  Invest in your success by savoring the process of reaching your goals. 



Sub-Categories - Short form live presentations of on-line courses

The Clarity Challenge
The Art of Organization



Looking for a longer program?

Combine multiple speech topics to create 1/2 day and full day presentations. Meditation and drum circles designed to create stronger teams and a more inclusive atmosphere can be added depending on the location of your event. 


2-3 Hour Presentation Combinations
  1. The Clarity Challenge • Your Life In Action (3 hours Interactive) 
  2. Invest in Quality • Flip It (3 Hours interactive)
  3. I Can Do That • The Art of Organization (2.5 Hrs interactive)


3-4 Hours Presentation Combinations
  1. Awakening The Mind • Your Life In Action • I Can Do That
  2. The Clarity Challenge • I Can Do That • The Art of Organization
  3. Invest In Quality • Flip It/I Can Do That • Your Life In Action






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