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This Membership Experience delivers continuing support through weekly and monthly content which reminds you, "You got this!"  You are in the drivers seat.  You have the power to make choices to create a more fulfilling life.

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Sure... this can be support to all our other courses and retreats...but as a standalone program, the Celebrate YOU! Membership will absolutely give you tips and tools you can implement in your everyday life!  

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This membership completely steals the show through Weekly and Monthy Content supporting Self Celebration with...

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Lessons and personal wisdoms are recorded to guide you and support your journey toward Self Celebration!  Holy Moly!  

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I am Bets Danko.  I create courses and retreats that celebrate the unique qualities that make us individually amazing and communally empowered.   I recognize the need to support the mind, emotions, spirit, and the physical body simultaneously to create a true state of inner peace and outward productivity... and I incorporate that into every course I create.  


Because I am living proof that my course content works.

in 2009 I was a vibrant wife and mother who was incredibly active.  I homeschooled my 4 awesome kids, led groups for moms, led afterschool programs at local schools and churches, and had a pretty busy schedule of hiking and backpacking.  I was super happy and very much alive! 

I was prescribed an antibiotic for some crazy parasite I probably picked up on a backpacking trip. Within 15 minutes of taking my 3rd dose of the drug, I experienced a complete breakdown of the life I had known and a downward spiral of my self awareness and self esteem.  For months I battled a pretty frightening outcome from taking that drug. From significant memory issues and a loss of feeling in my legs to breathing issues and endocrine system damage... I was no longer the same person I had been.  

I pulled myself through my recovery with the help of amazing mentors who gave me tools and pushed me to look at who I was rather than what I was. They were my cheerleaders and my support system.

I want to bring that same level of support to you!

I learned that self awareness is at the root of all our successes in life.   It is vital to understand who you are and learn to celebrate all the unique qualities which make you valuable. 

Celebrate YOU and you will feel Motivated to move toward any goal and feel Empowered to attain that goal. 

Through meditations, journaling prompts, processes, monthly video messages, and more, I deliver the tools you need to become self aware, embrace positive change in your life, and celebrate your ability to overcome obstacles and challenges.

The Celebrate YOU! Membership is absolutely near and dear to my heart.  Through this Membership I have the opportunity to communicate with you through writings and recordings, pdfs, recorded meditations, and an on-line magazine every single month.  

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Bets Danko has been called to speak throughout the United States about Personal Empowerment, Parenting With Love, Homeopathy Made Simple, Natural Health Options, Tickling The Vagus Nerve, Benefits of Home Schooling, and Empowered Spirituality.

She is the host of the podcast Wisdom & Chocolate

and the creator of the I AM Equation

The Celebrate YOU! Membership Experience

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Journaling prompts, Affirmations, Processes, Suggestions For Healthy Living... and More!  Every Single Month!!

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Bets makes her Celebrate YOU! Membership Subscription easy to follow and simple to understand.  And… well… super easy to  access at your own pace.  

We all have very different lives and need different levels of support at different times.  

We are, after all, unique.

Our needs are not “one size fits all.”  

This is what makes this Membership Experience so awesome… it is designed to help and support people at their own pace, providing materials people can access when they need… or when they don’t!  It’s like a course you can design yourself…using the tools you find most helpful in the order you want. 


With an understanding that many of us are living lives and choosing paths based on what society tells us we are or should be experiencing, Bets helps you break the mold… to come from a more authentic understanding of who you are and start Celebrating YOU!

The Celebrate YOU! Membership was designed for YOU!


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It is so important to put your self care first.  It will help you in all areas of your life...and will even help the people around you!   It's contagious.... the more you love you, the more others follow your lead and love themselves.  You are that powerful.  It's the time now to make the choice to Celebrate YOU! 

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